Optimum Public and Leased Access Channel Dial Position 10

Optimum provides a free Local "non-profit" organizations Community Bulletin Board and a paid Commercial leased Bulletin Board.

The following contains directions and the form for both Public and Commercial Bulletin Board:

Optimum provides Local Public Access Programming:

Optimum provides video coverage free to non-profit organizations in Sussex and Warren Counties. A minimum of thirty days notice is required. There may be a limit to the amount of programming provided.

All listings of Public Access programming will be posted on dial position 10 weekly.

Commercial Leased Access Programming:

Optimum accepts Commercial Videos; please call for rates and available times.

Public and Leased Access Coordinator:

(For 501c3 nonprofit channel 10 graphics/ text ( please no scanned documents) please email :

James Lupo
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. PSA’S (Display Page) would be given 7 days exposure. Exposure time based on-12 hour day. 2 PSA’S per month per Organization at no charge.*
    1. All messages MUST be received on this official form 2 weeks in advance, exactly as it will be displayed.
    2. Allow one block per letter, comma, hyphen, and space between each word.
    3. Display spaces cannot exceed block guide.
  2. All announcements will be given 15 seconds time duration.

    PERSONAL MESSAGES (Birthdays, Anniversaries) – Playback dial position 10
    1. $6.00 per day – print or picture
    2. $30 per week
    3. $120.00 per month
    4. Video tape playback – see public access plan
    *In order to comply with federal law, messages cannot advertise lotteries, games of chance, bingo prizes, auctions, raffles or any scheme offering prizes or awards, etc. (e.g., Chinese auction, tricky tray).

    COMMERCIAL MESSAGES – Playback dial position 10
    1. $60.00 per week minimum – print
    2. $10.00 per photo
    3. Will quote specialty ads
    4. Video tape – see commercial access plan
    Loss of service refunds in accordance with State requirements for cable.
    Enclose self-addressed, stamped envelope if photos to be returned.

EEO REPORTS: For more information on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, visit http://www.eeoc.gov.

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