Why is Optimum changing my phone service?
To ensure we continue to provide you with high quality phone service, we are taking steps to move you to an enhanced home phone experience. More information on new features and any additional changes coming soon.

When will this happen?
You will receive a phone call and an email (if we have a valid address on file) with the date changes will take place.

Will I lose service at all?
You may experience brief loss of phone and internet service between 12:00 am and 6:00 am on the day of your change. This will not impact your TV services.

What will happen to my custom features and voicemail settings?
Once the initial changes are complete, any custom features you have will be reset. This includes your personalized voicemail greeting and call forwarding. In addition, you will need to set up your new mailbox.

*Please note, any saved voicemail messages will no longer be available on your phone or in your online voicemail portal. We recommend you make note of any important voicemail messages immediately.

How can I set up my new voicemail?

  • Following the initial changes (changes will take place on the personalized date you will receive via phone/email), you can access your mailbox by:
    1. Dialing your own phone number from your home
    2. If outside your home use your area code to find the appropriate number below:
      • If your area code is 201, then dial 201-683-9800
      • If your area code is 862, then dial 862-219-5800
      • If your area code is 908, then dial 908-615-3800
      • If your area code is 973, then dial 973-998-9800
  • Your default PIN will be the last four of digits of your phone number
  • After login, follow the prompts to reset your PIN, and record custom greetings

What about call forwarding and other custom features?
Use the star codes, or quick-dial numbers, below to easily activate and deactivate your calling features.

  • Caller ID Blocking (*67)
  • Busy Redial (*66)
  • Call Return (*69)
  • Block All Anonymous Calls (*77 activate, *87 deactivate)
  • Call Forwarding (*72 activate, *73 deactivate)

What do I do if I have additional questions or need support?
Please call 800.992.0132 for questions and support.