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Service Electric is pleased to announce that beginning August 1, we will begin deploying our DTA’s. A DTA also known as a Digital Transport Adapter allows digital television signal to be displayed on your TV.

In the past few months we have been sending out information leading up to this event. Now that we are ready let us tell you more of the benefits of going all digital, increased channel selection, faster internet speeds, more High Definition channels and the ability to add more services in the future.

For our customers that have broadcast basic service (2-22) you are eligible to receive up to two DTA’s free for two years. After two years the DTA will be billed at 1.95 a month for each. If you have more than two connections you would be billed at 1.95 a month for each DTA. Once you have a DTA on your additional connections the monthly fee of .50 would be waived.

For customers that have our expanded basic service you are eligible to receive one DTA free for one year. After one year you will be billed 1.95 a month for that DTA. If you have more than one connection you would be billed 1.95 a month for each DTA. Once you have a DTA or digital converter on your additional connections the monthly fee of .50 would be waived.

In August we will be sending out order forms with instructions to our customers that do not have any digital equipment. These order forms will include instructions for ordering on line through our web site. You will be sent DTA’s directly to your home. If you choose you can send the order form directly to our office and we can process it for you. You can order the number of DTA’s you will need for the number of lines you have connected to and are paying for on the cable system.

Remember if you already have a digital converter on each line you do not need to order a DTA. If you have connections without a digital converter then you will need to order DTA’s for those connections. If you wish to turn in your additional equipment in exchange for a DTA you will need to call the office to make those arrangements.

Please do not call the office before you receive your order form. We will make sure that our customers receive updates on this digital transformation. As we add more enhancements we will pass along the information to our customers in a timely manner. Watch for additional information on your billing statement, website, channel 10 and email blasts. Thank You For Your Support and Continued Patronage.

Sincerely The Staff at Service Electric Cable TV of NJ

Additional Services Available

Video On Demand
Free movies, network shows, cable shows,
also new releases and premium movies.

Pay Per View
Newest releases, stand-up, and
the biggest live events.

Allow you to watch your favorite stations, movies,
and series from anywhere on multiple devices.